Riza Hawkeye

Fullmetal Alchemist

Like so many of my costumes, this has gone through several changes, and I completely remade it recently.

When I first made it back in 2005, it was my first try at making trousers, and dealing with a complicated jacket. Naturally the costume wasn't brilliant, but I did learn at lot! I also didn't choose the best fabric, so I wanted to remake it eventually.

I bought cotton drill for my new uniform, and eventually put it together at the end of 2006. This time I had fewer difficulties with the trousers, having got used to the pattern, and I'm very happy with my jacket, which is fully lined. I didn't have a problem altering the front of the pattern, and I even got the collar to look how I wanted. For some reason the cuffs aren't co-operating so well, so I'll be returning to those. Even the skirt thingy ended up in a better shape this time round, and I managed to get the bias tape far neater. I love the stars I found for the epaulettes, they're perfect! The other decoration - epaulettes, collar pins - are iron-on transfers so just printed off and backed with felt to give them more substance.

I still have a few things to adjust, like my gun belt and holster. I had a lot of trouble finding a prop gun. Even just cheap plastic ones are almost non-existent in the UK (even harder is finding conventions which will allow weaponry). My wig could also do with a bit of improvement, but I'm generally pretty happy with it, and the jacket cuffs and a few bits of bias tape I rushed might be redone later. Regardless of all that, I'm very pleased with the uniform overall!
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Series Fullmetal Alchemist
Character Riza Hawkeye
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