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Radiata Stories is my favorite game. I love it to death, and since getting it for Christmas of 2005 I've played through it 5 times and just started my 6th so that I can get reference of Ridley in her ValiantMail (since there is all but 2 pictures of it on the internet.) This game is so under appreciated, and that's so sad!

I've only started on the wig so far. I've got the bangs cut and now I'm going to use the hair cut from the wig to extend it some, as it's shorter then I thought it would be! But considering how cheap I got the wig for I just couldn't turn it down. I'm going to try and get this done by Ohayocon in January, so here's to a LOT of work over winter break!


@Rogue of B3K
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Haayls Hurray!!! Another Radiata Stories cosplayer!!! I totally agree with you. This game is way too under-appreciated. Ahh, but I suppose the smaller the fandom, the less likely there will be insufferable fans to ruin it. :,D I wish you best of luck in completing your cosplay and if you need any tips, feel free to ask me. C: I can't wait to see it when it's finished! :D

Lushi Radiata Stories is my favorite, too! I've played it many times, and there have been moments where I was like, "...I must play Radiata Stories, NOW!" ^_^ I did a group cosplay of this, but we didn't have a Ridley or a Jack (though we did have a Gantz). Your wig looks great! Have you not finished your costume, or did you just not upload any photos? I look forward to seeing them!