Lady Margaret Radcliffe




Margaret Radcliffe, lady in waiting to HRM Queen Elizabeth I of england. I made part along with our costume director, Johnna Brough.

it is entirely period to the 16th century.
the bodice and overskirt are made of a tapestry brocade. the forpanel is a taffeta that is on an interfacing to stiffin it up a bit. you cant see it in most of the pictures, but each leaf has a small pearl in it, and the stems are lined with gold glass beads--all were hand sewn on my yours truely.

the partlet I made, along with the blackwork on the front. the hat was the leftover fabric from the dress. also hand beaded. under the bodice is a spring steel corset--which I had made for me XD. the bodice is boned as well, but only lightly.
yes it is worn with a bumroll and hoopskirt.

this dress was a blast to wear, however it was heavy and very very hot. Iw as in it for 12-16 hours a day, and a true corset will really do a number on ya.

for next renaissance faire season, I plan on redoing the trim and the underskirt. considering a silver brocade pattern. itll be a pain to keep clean outside, but itll look fantastic. besides, itll be sort of like the female version of Salazar Slytherin.
I dont even like slytherin. but theres a girl on court who has a red/gold dress and a blue/gold dress. trying to have all the HP houses in Queen Elizabeths court


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lisaspieces This is lovely! I wouldn't have expected the pattern of the skirt to go with the rest of the dress, but it works.