Heather Mason

Silent Hill 3

I've already done this costume, but the previous version wasn't so accurate, and this time I made a better outfit: Blonde short wig, four pockets added on the vest, a pocket flashlight, brown boots, new gun and also a new kind of watch on the wrist.
I re-cosplayed Heather cause i love her so much and now im looking forward to take new photos of this costume...i feel like I have to make a very good job! XD

here's the link to a little fan film some friends and I made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiWTgym6mFI
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Created 9 years ago
Series Silent Hill 3
Character Heather Mason

Ammie The photos and your costume are both remarkable!!! Excellent work!!!

LainoftheWired Nice costume, great photoshoot!

Liz Shepherd You're alredy making an EXCELENT job♥