Akita Neru




I already did Yowane Haku, so now , I'm doing her long time companion Akita Neru 亜北ネル。 I got lucky and someone gave me a perfect shirt for Neru so All I had to do was cut the sleeves off and add trim. I tore off the trim from Haku and reused the sleeves. I took my biker shorts for Ed from cowboy bebop and left them as is.
Akita Neru is a troll, dislikes singing and anime and general Otaku-ness. She's prefer to be on her cellphone all day long


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Series Vocaloid
Character Akita Neru
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ioniafreak your cosplays are very good ^-^ i wish i could see your face though, it kinda looks odd scribbled out DX but from your current icon profile pic, you have very lovely eyes ^-^ so i bet your pretty [=

thepanther17fan all u need is the wig and u got a cosplay!!!