Wade Wilson/ Deadpool




eh i figured ive yet to see anyone do this and im not really keen on how they made deadpool look in the new x-men movie but then again its Wade Wilson prior to going compleatly nutso and well wiki the rest 0_o


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Series X-Men
Character Wade Wilson/ Deadpool


weskerh12 Im makin one too dude! Nice costume. Im building my blades now.

shortbutlethal Can't wait to see you with the Katana blades next!!

Phoenix_Kasai Looking great so far!! I think you really have the attitude for this character. But you gotta go for the comic version since they did butcher him (literally) in the movie ;)

CloudStrife7 Gotta love Deadpool. Great job!

SpectreNPI I've gotta say, I was impressed when I saw somebody else had already put together a Wade costume. Yours looks great so far. Thanks for checking mine out!

Otaku5 cool!

noodle42 *jumps up and down* omg!!!! i love deadpool! ^^

limegreenjelly try wolverine and deadpool comics :) I love deadpool good luck