The Five Star Stories



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Series The Five Star Stories
Character Lachesis


Stevi You are glorious.

Kagz That is fantastic! I love the construction quality of this piece, and the hair orniment are to die for.

gabman6 Gah.. I have to say that you are definitely in the Major Leagues of cosplaying. Simply amazing cosplay.

Nora. Очень красиво.))

Maju Sumomo ну очень красивый костюм) поздравляю с шоукейсом=3

AlexPianistka Красота какая!!

Dr. Holocaust Those ribbons are crazy cool. And I agree, this is a wicked costume and you are vary beautiful.

carladawn Gorgeous costume, and you are so beautiful!

Bastonivo ... I know that i dont say any new comment about yours but... ¡¡Its Amazing!! ¡¡Its a pretty costume!! ^^ Congratulations. I like it a lot.

YuKa_CuTE kya.... so amazing...

Shenila Wow 0.o how do those ribbons stay in place? lol wiring right? MAGIC? LOL anyway congratz on getting Showcase costume!

malro Russians are the best!!! )

Leroks О, поздравляю!

Lilian *_*

rayna The design is lovely! I love all the details!

Imperia УНЯНЯ!!!

PockyMonsta congrats on showcase... such a beautiful cosplay ^^

BalthierFlare So amazing!!! Gorgeous! <3

Minako Aino Gorgeous costume, you did an amazing job!

nikkiolie Very beautiful. I am at a compete loss of words.