Peruru / Perle

Sailor Moon

Back then.. I apparently really didn't know how to sew well because my first Peruru done in 2001 fell apart by the end of the con. I decided to go back and remake some old things that sucked, first of which being Peruru because I do so love the faerie boy <3 I'm much happier now with this second version than with my first. I still need to finish his wings and remake the flute...
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Created 11 years ago
Series Sailor Moon
Character Peruru / Perle

misatokibason mmm i love this i have to say its great

Saphira112 Great Peruru! I applaud you for being the best one I've seen thus far! :D Good job with the wig, too!

KoriStarfire holy balls. Way to do a costume that no one's done.