Final Form Sora

Kingdom Hearts II




Where to start....

The shirt was the first thing i did. It wasn't that hard. But i was being picky about it because i didn't want it to look too baggy or have too big of a pocket..I wanted it to be PERFECT xD and i think it turned out pretty dandy cept the length. It kept on riding up on me so I'm really sorry to all the people i flashed with my back! It was not intentional!

The pants were done after. No real problems here. This costume was pretty easy put together i must say. Nothing went wrong..(since it was like 6 months before the con and i chilled alot taking my sweet time) The design on the pants were painted on with a fabric paint;i painted it on the desgin on christmas eve. I kinda got so into it a forgot about xmas xD MY BAD. But yeah those were done and i love it to death! The design on the sleevess are a different story >.>

The jacket was a bit of a challenge...The sleeves once again did not like me..But i got them in and didnt fuss with them even though i wanted them to be different. However i did have to take one sleeve out because i smudged the paint from the design and it looked nasty. I was so sad T_T . Cus by this time it was 3 weeks before the con and i had another costume to START!(i know i procrastinate so much) haha But luckily it got done and everything else was a breeze

neckalce was made from sculpy and chain is from Micheals(it's really light)

Armour and shoes were made by lutea. Love it alll :) (shes the queen of foam to me.honestly. Check out her vincent xD)

Wig was styled by lutea and mikini. Yeah..I would of liked to done it but i had school. SO thank you ladies :) <3 hope everyone here likes the wig too! I think it was sooo AWESOMEEE hahaha

Keyblades were made wayy before. But i would of liked to of made the ultima weapon. SO im sorry you guys i didnt do it. But i should attempt to have it made by the summer. Please wait! hahaha so check it out then :)

Overrall i thought the costume was going to be simple to make and wear.But wearing it was a fuss. I had to keep adjusting things so it looked fine.O_O

that'a all i think i have to say now about the costume. Thanks everyone for your help and looking at the costume :)


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chilly_wind I love it, you did a great job ^^ Quick question: where did you get your wig? ^^

Kefkaownsall great job

StrifyGirl06 Awesome Final Form Sora! I love it!

ForeverTeea Best sora i'v ever seen ><

kiratsukai fabulous wig! Great sillouette on the costume and posing too. Very accurate!

jounink WOW you make a pretty bad ass sora! I love this so much! thanks for the comment too :D

Shiro to Kuro omg omg omg...! you did it =DD!! GREAT JOB <3 <3