Broken Face Nurse

Silent Hill 2



Will gladly take commissions, but must be size small or ex-small.

Well, let's start off. . . the dress is actually a work shirt that my dad was going to throw out, I asked him for it so I could make it into a dress, (he's a extra large so it fit perfectly in length). I actually had to cut from the bottom of the shirt all the way out to the arms (cutting the arms down to make it short sleeve). And I had to resew the sides to make it tighter on my body.

I let the fabric sit in tea bag infested water for two days. Then I painted the fabric.

The mask is simply either acebandage + gauze or my newer crap with papermache + gauze.

I painted skin color stockings to have veins, and my heels are black flats painted over with white to have an ashy affect, with bloody paint added to it. (The blood color is red hair dye).


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Series Silent Hill 2
Character Broken Face Nurse


Roigskywalker Ufff give me the creeps, awesome. Good job