Final Fantasy XII



I love Fran! But there is no way I would have cosplayed as her in her standard outfit. Luckily the bonus disc for the special edition of FF XII had a picture of artwork wher she wears real clothes.

The main dress is made out of cotton interlock. The sleeves and trim are stretch moleskin. The underskirt has a bit of brown tulle in it to poof it out just a tiny bit and give it a nice edge. I modified a pattern for the dress and drafted the pattern for the sleeves. I used some shoes I had with a funky heel and just covered them in fabric to match the sleeves. Every exposed seam is finished, and the dress and sleeves are fully lined. I ordered the clasp since it was prettier than anything I could have made. The wig came from the ebay seller lux.vogue. And the ears are made out of foamie, a headband, hy-mark thread, peachskin, micro plush fleece, and bendable wire and decorated with fuzzy yarn and Prismacolor markers.


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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Fran
Variant artwork


stephaneeneenee So not to sound like a copy cat but I really like the idea of cosplaying fran like you did. I was planning on cosing her for the anime con that comes to Columbus every year but I can't find her actual outfit anywhere and I doubt I can make it. But the way you did I probably could do. My biggest question is how'd you figure out what the bottom of the dress looked like? Like I kinda feel bad for stealing your idea but its far better for me than settling for someone else who I like lesser and better for me to make.