Shining Force EXA



My friend Niestche's favourite RPG is the Shining series and determind to get a group of us to cosplay together, he bombarded us with images. I immediately fell in love with the character and design of Amitalilly, a fiesty fire mage from one of the latest games, Shining Force EXA. I then talked my friend Mei into making Firklin, the shy ice mage who partners with Amitalilly as the mascots for the game. Cosplaying these characters was REALLY good fun. We both really got into character and had a lot of good fun making and wearing the costumes. Fun in design, fun to wear! The hardest part for me was designing a large hat that could be transported easily (we planned to take them abroad in a suitcase) yet still retain its shape.


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Series Shining Force EXA
Character Amitalilly


Hopie I ADORE Shining Force....well, mainly Shining Force 1. Even still, this costume and group make me happy. =]