I'm making a full-quality Spartan costume... but in the meantime a cardboard mask & a bathtowel cape will do just fine. PLUS, people seem to like it much more than a good Spartan costume.


There are no photos in this costume yet.

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Created 13 years ago
Series 300
Character Leonidas
Variant crappy version


Siffel Nonono! Never change it! Meme Leonidas will win you all the internets Reddit has to give. I think I'll post you there soon, if you don't first! :)

Liliana Dude, you ROCK. I laughed so hard at your pics! xD Brilliant job!

carcrsh AMAZING

akuriko It IS a really funny costume. XD But I think a high quality spartan costume will be just as appreciated. ^ ^

silenthillnurse haha, that's amazing!!