Sabaku no Gaara




I love Gaara and I wanted to cosplay his older version. All my friends were doing the time jump versions so I wanted to join in too.

But the trench coat was too difficult for me or my mom so I bought the coat at . I wanted it to be redder, but it is really well made and some photos do appear a brownish-red so it was fine.

When I bought the coat I wasn't expecting pants and a vest. The pants actually fit so I used them instead of my martial arts pants.

I didn't really like the vest. It was grey and inaccurate. I had all ready bought all the materials needed to make it anyway. I used the vest I was given as a guide and made a pattern. Then I added all the slits for the straps. I used buckles and eyelets to complete the belts.

The leg bands were simple. I put velcro on them, but that didn't stop them from sliding off my legs. I had to safety pin them to my pants when I wore them.

The long waist strap had a long piece of velcro on both sides.

I all ready had made the sandals for my genin version so I used them for this Gaara as well. Those were a nightmare originally.

I had the wig and makeup also from my other Gaara version. But this time I plucked all my eyebrows out. I hate the plastic I used to cover them before. It doesn't work well and cracks. My eyebrows grew back. I just had to draw them on for a long time.


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Series Naruto
Character Sabaku no Gaara
Variant Gaara of the Desert


Minteh Lol Plucked the out?! Your very committed lol! But very very nice cosplay. x3 I loved it.