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I had done Ino as a genin and I wanted to do her older version because many of my friends had done the older versions! I love Ino to death! Even though many people don't, hey, it was Sakura that ruined the friendship for a boy. I think Ino just likes Sasuke for spite!

My mom didn't want to make this for me and we didn't have the time with other costumes, so we ordered in on ebay. It didn't come like we thought it would.

The black skirt was shorts (and were way too small), so I bought a skirt-swimsuit bottom. The purple skirt was too small, so we shortened the velcro to make it extend more. We also added the button. We shortened the skirt by 2-3 inches as well.

The blouse was way off in that it didn't show off the shoulders. It looked more like Sakura's blouse. My mom asked her sewing instructor and the lady showed her how to fix it. I don't think the lady liked me much :p

For the chain-mesh elbow pad-thing I took the pieces of my sister's Gaara genin shirt which we cut off the fish-net shirt and had my mom hem them. They worked really well, but now they're kinda stretched out... : (

For her nylon meshing on the thighs and knees, we bought a fish-net nylons and butchered them. We then added elastic to the edges. Again sewing-lady helped. For the ones on the knees I have to stick double-sided tape to my knees to keep them up. They slid down when I bend my knees. I didn't make the elastic that tight, because it would have made my skin squish together and eww!

For the ninja sandals I used the famous tutorial. They're just like the blue ones, but black. I hate making those shoes.

I bought my hair clip and earrings at Claire's and my ninja holster and kunai are from Toys-n-joys.

I really like this costume. I had fun with my Sasuke (tora), Sakura's (Aya, yami, Kikyouluver), Sai (neko), and also a cool Chouji I found. And the Shikamaru I found!

This outfit gave me some weird tan-lines. I have a pattern on my knees and a white line around both thighs. XD The only problem I have is with my tummy....it's not as flat as I like it to be.... -_-


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