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When I first saw Ryuuma, I wanted to cosplay him one day. So I did.

This was an interesting costume. I ended up shaving(tried Nair but it didn't work) off a good amount of my body hair because I used body paint. I cut my right leg pretty badly in the process. All the bandage and whatnot was some sports tape that I found at Dollarama.

The mask was a facemask I found at Michaels and covered in paprclay. I made the scar with a small file after the paperclay dried. The stitches are pieces of craft foam glued on. The teeth are fake nails with nail polish added later one. I originally wanted to add a bottom jaw piece but decided against it as it would make it impossible to eat with the mask on.

The kimono is made of a twill I think. I don't remember the exact fabric, I just found something that would work well and went with it. After sewing it up, made up the design for the dragon symbol on the sleeves in Adobe Illustrator, printed out, then drawn on the fabric and painted on. As for the designs along the edges, I decided to go with the manga version as I thought it looked nicer. I didn't make and patterns for that. I just looked at the references pics as I was working and then drew them in with disappearing ink. It took me about 3 bottles of fabric paint to paint everything. The obi was sewn up and then painted.

The katana(Shuu Sui) was originally gonna be a Bleach zanpakutou but I ended up scrapping plans to do the Bleach cosplay so I used it for Ryuuma instead. Just like all my katanas, it's made of poplar. I made a pattern for the guard in Illustrator, printed it out and then cut it out. In a way, it's one of the simpler guards I've had to make because of no raised details but a pain because of the shape itself. I tried some new stuff with it. You can take it apart like a real one(being held together at the handle with 2 dowels). The tempered edge was down with painters tape cut up and the spraypainted. I decided to go with a flat black as I figured the edge would stand out more against it. The endcap details on the handle and sheath were carved out using a dremel.

The sheath is 2 pieces of pine hollowed out with a router that were originally 3/4 inch thick and planed down for a total thickness of around 3/4 of an inch. I took off too much in a few areas so I added some bondo to strengthen them. It worked nicely. for the circles on the sheath, I did the design up in Illustrator once again. Instead of handpainting them, I decided instead to make a bunch of stencils out of painters tape. It took me about 3.5 hours just to cut them all out.

The wig is a punky small with some extensions for the top ponytail hotglued to the wig. I used a combination of the wig and the sports tape to secure the mask to my face.

The geta were simply ones just bought at the con. The ones I made sucked so I didn't use them. They were really comfortable and easy to move around in. I was even able to dance in them.

The costume(mainly the mask) was uncomfortable as all hell but it sure looks awesome. I wore it for about 7-8 hours at the con.


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Jessierocks If i need any swords that need to be made can i ask you to make them? XD

Mahato Shey-Kun I gotta say Chip, though I raved about your sword, I think I'm even more impressed with your painting skills. I hadn't realised how much effort went into the patterns on your kimono because they looked REAL. Super in awe at your work dude.