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I loved the idea of cosplaying from Doctor Who, but I was never really sure who I wanted to cosplay as. As fortune would have it, I came across blue fabric with red pinstripe for 2 bucks a meter very shortly after my boyfriend turned into a Who fanboy. This automatically enabled and obliged me to make him a suit and put a Rose together for myself, and my love of retro and vintage fashion swayed me towards doing the 50's outfit.

Everything I am wearing for Rose was closet cosplay. I found the top, skirt, shoes, and jacket at various thrift stores. I ended up not needing to modify the shirt, and after some dye tests with a package of RIT dye, I decided against messing with the colour of the skirt. It was the perfect cut, length, and colour tone (if not shade), so I think that later I'm probably going to get some pink fabric in the proper shade to overlay the existing skirt.
The shoes were originally white and I covered them with some spare sateen fabric I had in bubble gum pink. These shoes were pain incarnate and the covers were falling apart by the end of the day and I don't want to talk about it. D: I had to keep popping Extra-Strength Tylenol to keep myself from complaining all day.

The wig was originally curly, so I straightened it out with good old-fashioned dumps of boiling hot water all over it, then pinned it up in a sort of french twist and used mousse to hold it in place and get frizz under control. I added the roots by applying black Sharpie to the scalp area.

The Doctor suit was my first attempt at tailoring a suit. The fabric is a cotton/nylon blend (don't quote me on that until I have a conclusive burn test) with twill for the pockets. I used a Vogue men's suit pattern for their excellent instructions, but even then some directions were fuzzy since tailoring is a pain.

I am still very mad that the stockings I used for this were too dark. My fishnets got torn to shreds the night before the photoshoot. :(


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