Final Fantasy X



Ooooh, yes! Finally I got a chance to cosplay FFX Rikku!

August the 11th
The whole costume is ready!

I was able to make my Rikku costume ready for Meuwcon 03. I am still waiting to get more 'official' photos of my costume but I am too impatient xD

Whoo, I am proud of this costume! It looks great, it suits me well and it was pretty comfortable too (y'know, not too hot xD )
And I was able to use my own hair :D

I didin't count my working hours but this costume was made within three weeks.

And now some information..

My favorite aspect(s): The goggles look great, I wish I could show them better. I also love my shorts xD

The least favorite aspect: The belt.. I had to cover the original holes and make the new ones and result.. Well, it's satisfying.
I also had to paint the whole belt because the original color hurt my eyes..

The easiest task: Probably.. making those green arm supports. At least they didin't take so much time..

The hardest task: Hm... The shirt took the most of the time but still.. it wasn't so hard in the end. But it was this costume's hardest task. (It was my first time when I used leatherette!)


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Cupcake Disko Adorable! <3

Lycorisa I love your rikku!! Very well done!

-Yamane- Cute Rikku *_* x3 awesome work on your cos!!