Orihara Izaya




Oh, Durarara!!, what an addiction you are xD I love Izaya and wanted to cosplay him. . . .What was I thinking?? (I sometimes forget the size of my chest xDDD)

To compliment Mik0's Anri and Einobaka's Celty (eventually xDD).


COAT: Found, and it's so nice i shall use it normally too xD I found this beautiful coffee colored fur, (though it was super thin so I sewed together two layers, and those onto a twill bias ribbon) and hand sewed it onto my jacket.

SHIRT: V neck shirt, check~

PANTS: I think skinny jeans would work for Izaya no? Check (:

BELT: Srsly? Check~

SHOES: I HAVE SO MANY BLACK SHOES IT'LL BE HARD TO PICK ONE FOR IZAYA xDDD Check~ Update: I have decided on my sakura boots, they shall work well xDD

RINGs: I bought some plain looking rings for a dollar, but they weren't thick enough imo, so I'm going to search for new ones xD

WIG: Bought, its sooo nice, i love the quality~! Wig was cut not in time for con lol, but it shall be when doing a phootshoot. (icon is modified version of wig xD)

CONTACTS: red, because the manga says so xD

I'm obsessing atm, I need to get over DRRR!! fast plz xDDDDD


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Character Orihara Izaya
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Hoshikorosu Still fangirlin' over your Izayaaa xD LOL.