Ramona Flowers




I decided to cosplay as Ramona Flowers because I recently finished watching the movie and reading the graphic novel and completely fell in love! Also decided to cosplay as her because her outfit is relatively easy, and I didn't have much time or money this year for a fancy cosplay ;_;

Like all my cosplays, this was very spontaneous. I have less than 2 weeks to get everything together before the con, so I'm rushing. The outfit is pretty much complete, and all that's left is the hammer (+2 against girls) and the subspace bag.

Finding the right wig gave me a bit of a hard time because there aren't alot of nice light blue wigs online, just those cheap Chinese wholesale ones :< I decided to go with a cosworx wig (scruffy long) in white and dye it blue myself (something I've never done before ._.) I was almost sure I would mess the wig up, but to my surprise, it came out perfect!

Hopefully once everything is set and done, I can take some better pictures of the full outfit instead of ones in my bathroom XDD


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