Thane Krios

Mass Effect



My most ambitious costume to date, and I still didn't get all the pieces right! I need to make a new bodysuit, rather than using the flat black lycra dive suit. Still, I am pleased with it, and plan to wear it in 2011, after some improvements.


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Created 8 years ago
Series Mass Effect
Character Thane Krios


dahngrest Were you the Thane at AX 2011 yesterday? You did a fantastic job!

Danosuke Ah you did indeed, I found your post on RPF. Clever using an exsiting toy gun. I should probably start doing that myself since making props without wood working tools from scratch is a serious pain.

Danosuke What? Dude you need to post up some picks. you did a helluva job. And the pistol! Did you make that?