Misao Makimachi

Rurouni Kenshin



My friends wanted to put together a Rurouni Kenshin photoshoot and go to a cool looking location to meet up for pictures. Everyone got to choose a character, and I picked Misao.

The costume was pretty easy to make. I bought comfy materials for the top and shorts, and lined it in satin. It felt like I was wearing pajamas! The pink bow was made from slightly shiny taffeta because I wanted it to have a lot of depth in pictures, instead of looking matte like if I had used cotton. I built the wig pretty much from scratch. The base was a horribly abused black bob that happened to be the first wig I ever bought. I hand made wefts and sewed them all around the front to make an asymmetrical look. Misao's hair is still a mystery to me, but I tried my best to recreate it. The long ponytail has little styrofoam balls in the middle to make the sections poof, and I stuck wire through the middle so it would look animated in photos.

This was the largest cosplay group I have ever been a part of.. there were about 15 of us. All kinds of things tried to hold us up during the shoot; it poured rain, cranes swarmed the area and bombarded the ground and everyone's vehicles, at one point a nearby transformer exploded and shot a giant fireball into the sky... but we all pulled through and had a great time!


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Character Misao Makimachi


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