Chell was my first serious cosplay. I made the jumpsuit by combining two patterns for slacks and a dress shirt. For the white trim, I ended up using gray reflector piping which worked very well. Especially when someone uses flash. I used a freezer paper stencil for the back Aperture Labs logo and an opaque white iron-on transfer for the front.
I put together a quick Companion Cube purse since the outfit lacked large working pockets that came out surprisingly well.
Goose helped me with my Portal Gun. We followed a lot of steps from Volpin Props to build it.
The inner tubes are made from different size PVC pipes that were painted black. The shells on the back and underside of the front were carved from planters foam, covered with bondo and then covered with wonderflex and painted white. Goose made the electronics in the gun and programmed the board for the glowing, changing colors and "breathing" of the lights.
We love this cosplay, but we're going to have to retire it until we can revamp the jumpsuit and gun since both are showing wear.


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