My first group cosplay with my group, GAACP :D Since half of us are in college and half of us are in highschool we couldn't get together often and worried a lot about everyone finishing on time. In the end, although we have yet to have a full shoot with all of our members, everything turned out great (as last minute as some things were lololololol)

At Fanime I ended up only packing on leg warmer on accident so I had to use some spare fabric and make leg warmers about 10 min. before the Pokemon gathering started xD soooooooooooooooo impromptu but it actually turned out well c: Although now I use the ones I had initially made.

Also Daisuke Ishiwatari took photos of us in our debut~ *o* So, yeah xD we squealed a lot over that.
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Narnian Aww! Cute!