Final Fantasy IX

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Starting from the top down lol......the wig is a combo of two different wigs. I cut the top out of one and sewed another half of a wig to the longer underwefts and then put remants from the two wigs together to blend the different shades of red. The graidented feathers are all handpainted one by one with a mixture of dark purple and black ink. I also added dark red streaks to the under layers of the wig. The main body of the costume covering the shoulders and upperchest are all fully lined and the pauldrons are solid. The interior of the pauldrons are a combo of craftfoam/papermache/tape and lining fabric. The sleeves are white bridal satin and also fully lined. I used 22 and 24 gauge floral and jewery wire to keep the sleeves' jagged edges stiff. I hand sewed beads randomly on the sleeves to give them more texture and stand out from the rest of the whites on the body and rest of the costume. The middrift part of the costume is all fur and feathers attached together to a base of spandex and then bodytaped to my skin. The codpiece is lined and entirely covered in handpainted feathers. The belt-esque bit that attaches around the waist is a handdyed and painted cotton-blend fabric with similarly graident dyed feathers and strips of fabric attached to the interior fold of the belt piece. The butt-cape is fully lined and has 20-gauge jewery wire in certain sections of the cape to hold its shape. The cape is handdyed via a spraybottle method lollll. The leg armor is a large combination of craftfoam/wire/fur/feathers and spandex. The base shoes were painted red to blend in with the feathers and then tail has 9 gauge wire in it so it would hold shape~ :D

I attempted to use Kyrolon (sp?)'s white grease paint but in all the heat and walking around and such it not only took me almost 4 hours to paint myself but it also didn't wear too well :/
@Bur Loire
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Series Final Fantasy IX
Character Kuja

Snerky That is.. incredible *-*

DarkFF666 Just the better Kuja Trance I've seen *o*

PhDPepper Oh, kuja's Allergy Inducing goodness form, lol. It looks amazing.

Paranoid Doll O_____________________O amazing!

Naomi aka Ran Great costume=)

miamiasma Awesomely awesome costume. That red just goes "pop!"

Sora-Yaoi Your costume is realy awesome *_____*. I love red. And Kuja is one of the best FF characters ever! You did a great Job. Sora~♥