The Blinded Woman

Fatal Frame



I wanted to cosplay the blinded for a while. I mean, who doesn't want to be covered in blood? Not to mention, I really wanted to tackle that mask.

The mask was naturally the most difficult part. I took a plain old plastic mask, cut it, gesso'd it, then covered it with several layers of air dry clay (took several tries and lots of clay to get it right). Then I sanded it, and painted it. The wooden stakes are dowels and simple squares of wood, shaved and carved with an exacto knife. I may eventually remake the mask. The stakes just went in at such an angle that it was hard to see them in pictures, even after i repositioned those suckers like 12 times. But oh well.

Although the kimono in most of these pictures is one I bought, I have recently made one from scratch. Gotta say, making so many hemmed edges, when you know you're just going to destroy them as soon as construction's finished, is a little distressing. But anyway, I sanded babypowder into the material to give it a dull look, then ripped it to shreds using scissors, sanding blocks, and a razor (made for nice little holes). I used sandpaper to fray all the loose edges. To make it look muddy and gross, I used brown acrylic paint, as well as clay, for color and texture. It was tons of fun.

The obi I made, dyed, and splatter painted.

The blood is plain old halloween store blood. I really didn't think it would work that well, but it performed surprisingly well, and the color was just what I wanted. I used an eyedropper to squirt it just below my eyes, and let it drip down on its own.

I used Kryolon Aquacolors for the makeup, which (as usual) worked wonderfully. This makeup is so easy to use, which is great for an amateur like me!

About half of these pictures were taken by AemaethZQ (she is credited in them), who is just amazing behind a camera. Thanks so much to her!


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Character The Blinded Woman


punkynotemo This is the best Blinded I've ever seen! Great job!

Kicchi This is seriously best blinded-cos I've seen!