1) The wig is made of love. *heart*
2) The outfit was hell to make. First of all, Hime-sama uses 2 outfits and I made both. This is the first outfit. The “Princess version”. Long dress, pink so pink. LOL
3) The dress is a tow part outfit. The skirt is easily removable and made of Two way (Made by my mommy! *3*) . The ‘blouse’ part is made of lycra.
4) The belt was made by me, just like the crown, the sword, the flying tissue of doom.
5) I used this cosplay at Bakudan 2008, but… I was still recovering from bad injuries so… It was hard to walk. i-i

Other comments:
I love Jibaku-kun. It’s rather notorious since I have so many outfits of this anime. 8D
I will use Hime once again, and I will totally rock this time! ;D


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Series Jibaku-kun
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Variant Princess version


Geister Beautiful!!!