Matsuura Aya


I am a huge Hello! Project fan, and when I first started getting into Morning Musume, I was determined to make Rika's "Chu! Natsu Party" outfit. The outfit is sooooo adorable, the wig is obnoxiously pink with perfect curls, and the song is just so happy-cute! I could absolutely NOT refuse a chance to do this group and perform the song, I loved it so much! Unfortunately I got last pick in this group and had to be Aya, even though I really hated her outfit... but it turned out ok because I simply ADORE Ayaya, and the other girls in my group didn't even know who she was (they only knew Morning Musume then). And even though the outfit is blah and the glasses look retarded, this is one of my favorite costumes to wear because it's so colorful and happy! And it's Ayaya, how could I NOT love it?? Her super-sugary cuteness just makes me smile, and she is so talented. Wearing this costume just makes me want to sing and dance XD I'm amused that Ayaya has a birthmark on her lip in the same place I do.... ^_^; lol!

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