Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII



For about 9 years, I used to be a figure skater. So when I thought about this outfit, I wanted to design something inspired by a figure skating dress and yet something also related to the costume designs worn by the performers of Cirque du Soliel. So after looking at Ifrit, I came up with this!

Professional pictures will come up soon.

Outfit Specs:

Horns: Wonderflex wrapped around a headband, painted with gold and brown acrylic paint. Beads are attached to horns.

Wig: Ordered online, styled by me.

Contacts: Honey colored Acuvue prescription.

Brown Danceskin: Made from a suede-like fabric. Tattoos are black and gold acrylic paint, hand done. Fire colored fabric is hand sewn to the sleeves. Silver suds applied to the shoulders.

Bracelets: Black pleather, decorated with gold acrylic paint and silver studs.

Red Skirt: Done using a gathering mechanism on the sides. Decorated with fire colored tassels, fire colored fabric, and fire colored fake flowers.

Tights: Fishnet from Capezio Dance Factory.

Shoes: Layers of brown pleather sewn onto the hem of black Chinese flat shoes.


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Series Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Character Ifrit


ChilmarkGryphon Did you think about using hoofboots for this design?