Guilty Gear



Katsucon 2005. Again, like my Ayane costume, February is not a good time to cosplay something like this! Brrr! I received an Honorable mention for this costume. Woo!!!

Construction notes:
The costume is made with hunter green and white casa satin. It was my first time dealing with satin and trying to conform it to my body. It's ok for a first try. I have a lot to improve on.
The white skirt has some netting underneath to give it the "puff" under the skirt.

The circle detailing is done with felt and slowly sewed on. lol

The straps are made from belt material and the buckles are thick foamies spraypainted gold.

The wig was ordered from Amphigory and style by myself. The "can" is another piece of foamie spraypainted gold. the extentions are leftover from where I chopped the ends off to make the bangs.


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