the King of All Night's Dreaming

The Sandman



I've mentioned it already that I'm not a huge fan of what Morpheus eventually evolves into over the course of the Sandman series, but I really find this younger version of him to be very compelling. Plus Amano has the absolute perfect rendering style to portray what Dream really is. Hope I was able to emulate that a bit three-dimensionally here - and given that idea, this costume purposely looks different every time I use it.


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Created 15 years ago
Series The Sandman
Character the King of All Night's Dreaming
Variant Amano design


Mithrellas You remind me of Jareth the Goblin King from the movie 'Labyrinth' =)

Avianna The more and more I show this costume to people Yui the more and more I feel the need to do something from Sandman to run around with you in. <3 P.S. Did I ever tell you I show this to like every person that ever talks about dressing up as characters from Sandman... cause I do...