Miko Mido

La Blue Girl



I enjoyed making and wearing this costume because of the fact that it is easily recognizable. It is my tribute to all hentai and the girls who proudly watch adult oriented anime.

The top is a nylon sportswear top massacred for the fabric, fully lined, with interfacing.

The bottoms are nylon spandex, with a very high waist.

The boots under the nylon spandex covers are black prada boots, they rock.

The bow is a silky polyester with a felt inner layer for support and body.

The wig is crazy.

I am wearing a bra.



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Last Updated 15 years ago
Created 15 years ago
Series La Blue Girl
Character Miko Mido


Zergishzerg oh, man. i hunted, and i found. good job, amazing bow.

whoamiinside amazing XDD That took major...uh...well...Boobs? To do! I wish I went to that con T,T I only made it to ohayocon 2008