Riddel Viper

Chrono Cross



I've wanted to make this costume for the last 3 years. Guile, Riddel, Lynx and Harle were always my favorite characters to have on my team because they were all so cool looking. Unfortunately i didnt have time to make henry a Guile costume but Saki_B did make Harle.
I had help from LadyLizaElliott and Saki_B in the construction of it since i was trying to finish Alice +Kyo at the time. I did the main construction while they painted/sewed in the godets and made the triangles on my headband. Thanks to them, or i wouldnt have gotten it done in time.

I would love to do this costume more accurately in the future <3


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Series Chrono Cross
Character Riddel Viper


Hopie I love your Riddel!