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Last Updated 14 years ago
Created 14 years ago
Series Alichino
Character Matsulika


TheKinkyBeast Wow, you're the first person I've seen do a Matsulika cosplay! ^^ I've done one myself, Where did you get reference for the cosplay? I've used extracts fromn the third alichino manga and for colour refrence a massive cutout I won in a manga compatition. It's very confusing becuase the cutout and cover art for Matsulika are totally different, both the style of the outfit and the colour sceme... I ask because I'll be re-making parts of my own cosplay and I want to make sure I've got the colour sceme correct. How did you know what colours to use? My refrences indicated that it was white and cream coloured but a blue bra and boots, and a red coller, corset and belts.