Lavi (Rabi, Ravi)




I love D.gray-man, and I LOOOOVED Lavi. Or Rabi. Or Ravi. Or whatever the heck. So of course that, plus the prospect of the Fanime 06 Hammer Time skit, lead to me making this costume. I have a ridiculous amount to re-do though, because I did too much of this in the hotel room. Egads.

Regardless of errors, this is one of my favorite things ever. The character is one of the most fun to portray of all of my costumes, it's really fun to wear, and HAMMER.


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Created 15 years ago
Series D.Gray-man
Character Lavi (Rabi, Ravi)
Variant First Uniform


KratosSamurai2 Fantastic wig. Even has the funky curl!

cosplayernoob I'm planning on doing his 3rd uniform because black and red are best colors.

xXMissGemsXx O.M.G!!! You look amazing!! The wig is juuuust, right. :D Hooow did you do it?? I waaaant it ... pwease! ^_^ hehe x