Rikku Dattebayo as Schoolgirl Kairi

Schoolgirl Kairi

Kingdom Hearts II

Cosplayer: Rikku Dattebayo
bleh, i dunno. this is really old. this was when i first heard about kingdom hearts 2. i really wanted to make a Kairi cosplay back then, since i had her hair....TT_TT ZOMG i really miss my red hair now. i'm so sad. bleh, but it's okay. it'll be back soon. after summer for sure. then i can show you how it feels to be RED! xD

anyways, but still, yes. i'm glad i finished it. i don't have her shoes but i'm proud that i got most things right.

yet, when i played kh2 *being lazy now* i was disappointed because i used the wrong fabric for her skirt! XP AHHHH!! but oh well, at least i got it done right? :D