Bert (jolly holiday suit)

Mary Poppins



As this was quite rare to cosplay, I asked my friend Tom to be my Bert.
Because what is Mary without Bert? ;-)
Tom and I had a wonderful time, we enjoyed it a lot!
Little children and grandparents were fond of us.

We are pleased because finally after 9-10 years we have pictures of us together.

Tom said that he will start with cosplay too. I am soo glad that he had a great time. ^_^

Hat: bought and altered
Pants/Shoes/Walking stick/gloves and blouse: bought
Jacket: bought and altered

- - - - -

Found a photo of the genuine jacket.
Changed the stripes and completed the jacket.
Changed the hat also.


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Series Mary Poppins
Character Bert (jolly holiday suit)


miss_jondrette this is just wonderful. you two are terribly cute. the costumes look amazing. :)