Misako Kurata (Mama)




Why did I choose this character:

I like very much Kodocha and I absolutely love Misako Kurata with his crazyness!!! ^_^ I thikn she's the coolest character ever from Kodocha!!!

Making off:

A very very easy costume and a last minute decision! Easy because I've used the kimono I bought during my trip to Japan and the fan too has been taken in Japan, so I just bought the hamster's house at the pet shop (yes I know it looks like a Smurf's house but it's just a hamster's house! XD) toy hammer at the 1 € shop and the squirrel plush at the toy shop. Babbit plush has been purchased by a shop specialized in anime custom plushes.
Honestly this is a project I had in my mind from a lot of time and I don't know why I've waited so long to do it, but finally I did it and I think this is a very funy cosplay! XD
In some pictures I have my kimono and in others my mom's one.^^


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Series Kodocha
Character Misako Kurata (Mama)
Variant Kodocha


2cat007 Awesome job!!!

Tey-Chan Wow!!! La mamma di Sana resta sempre il top!!! Sono veramenre belli i cosplay che fai, xkè non sono mai banali!!! Io sono Tey-Chan, ci siamo intraviste al Coartoomics a Milano e al Fullcomics a Piacenza... Non so se ti ricordo di me... Cmq, hai 1 ammiratire in +... Io♥ XD