Morpheus (Ramadan Version)

The Sandman



When I heard Worldcon was coming to Toronto, I knew I had to do something unbelievably fancy just to fit in. I'd seen pics of previous Worldcon masquerades, and the bar is pretty damn high.

Then the two-doll set of Dream Hunters and Ramadan Morpheus was released, and I knew I HAD to make them. ^_^ What followed was almost 2 years of planning and work. -.-;;

This one, made for my husband Stuart, didn't have as many components as my Dream Hunters costume...but it was still a lot of work. The most time-consuming part of this costume was, of course, the massive cloak. It's completely hand-painted in silver fabric paint, and then I sewed sequins and beads to the centre of the 'flowers' so it would sparkle. This cloak represents about 3 weeks of almost non-stop work. It's huge and extremely heavy (not to mention hard to walk around in) but it drapes beautifully and I'm very proud of it. When we saw the pictures on Monday after the masquerade Stuart peered at them and said "I can't believe you did that..." Actually, neither can I. *lol*

The gown is 2 layers--the underlayer is cornflower blue satin, with a dusty rose chiffon overlayer. I actually bought about 4 different fabrics for this robe as I kept changing my mind what I wanted to do...fortunately at least one of the extra fabrics ended up being used for something else (my cloak lining). I was quite meticulous and made a point of finishing my seams properly...which meant French seams for the chiffon layer and bias binding for the satin.

The shoes were a last-minute job but turned out quite nicely and were very comfortable, according to Stu.

I sewed streaks of blue into the wig (which you can't really see here) and styled it with hair glue to get it spikier.

The collar is just interfaced fabric with big acrylic jewels attached. The bracelets are mostly found here and there, with one that I beaded to be fancier.


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Character Morpheus (Ramadan Version)


Mohmoh stimply stunning!

Rinoa07 This is absolutely astounding. Amazing work!

Bluehentrooper Wow you are amazing. Your attention and dedication to detail is staggering.

Earl Astaroth i am making this costume for my boyfriend and i am taking so much inspiration fro your work... it's simply breath taking, thank you for sharing this!

NytenGale hot!! awesome costume!!