Sochie Heim




You know, I used to swear I didn't really like anything Gundam very much. Then I saw Turn-A, and that definitely changed like you wouldn't believe; I absolutely HEART this show. I fell in love with almost the entire cast, but Sochie is who I chose to cosplay first. I cannot resist a character who's competent and smart, and who can combine being kickass and good with mechanics and piloting things with wearing pink frilly dresses. This thing is so much fun to wear around, painful boots and four layers of polyester and all.

The only thing I don't like much about Turn-A is that the character designer needs to be bitchslapped with a mobile suit for not knowing wtf fabric can really do, or even the remote basics of how seams work. This costume was deceptively impossible; looking at my finished product, you'd never know just how much of an utter headache it gave me, nor how much effort it took to actually make this design work and not look atrocious. At the time I made it, it was the hardest thing I had done yet.


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Antharias quite amazing!