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After finally being able to read the original story of Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Saw There, I took the opportunity to make my own Mad Hatter cosplay.

This is my own original design, so nothing like what you see on the covers of the books, in the Disney Alice in Wonderland, or Tim Burton's.

The hat: The Mad Hatter of course needs, a hat. A friend made the hat for me as I couldn't find anywhere that had patterns for a top hat like I wanted. But my friend had a pattern and modified it to make the top hat I wanted. From what he told me, he made the brim from posterboard strengthened with fiberglass (as he was following the design I had made). The column of the hat was made from craft foam, and bent in near the base. He strengthed it once more with fiberglass. He painted the whole thing over in dark purple and tacked on dark purple fabric over top to give it some oomf. He took a wide black, canvas ribbon and tied it around the base of the column, and added on rips and tears. The end result was so awesome!

The jacket: Made this entirely from suede. A difficult material to work with I discovered. For me at least. After finishing sewing all the pieces together, I put rips and tears and stains onto it, making it look worn and tattered. I used a purple suede if you're curious.

Shirt: I took a black dress shirt and put rips and holes in it, and took a lighter to it to get burn marks. Bit frustrating I must say. My tie to go with it was purple to match the hat and jacket.

Pants: Were actually black to tie in with the tie. I only put one large slit up the side and some burn holes. Frustrating stuff making burn marks. Frustrating indeed.

The only things that remained intact were the shoes and gloves.


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