Aishiri as Jade Curtiss

Jade Curtiss

Tales of the Abyss

Cosplayer: Aishiri
This would the the third costume I've made for an Ellipsis group cosplay and probably the most annoying costume to make so far.

The jacket was probably the worst part- not only did I spend FOREVER finding the right material (which ended up being this gorgeous microfiber twill I found online), but I decided, HAY BECAUSE IT'S THIN AND THIS IS A MILITARY JACKET, LET'S MAKE IT LOOK LESS FLIMSY BY DOUBLE LAYERING IT! :D Uh yeah, bad idea! It ended up making me look like a blue blob because it was so damn bulky. I spent 2-3 hours seam ripping it. Yeah, NEVER AGAIN.

But aside from all the problems I had with it, I'm really happy with how it turned out. I just wish it looked a little more flattering on me, but I guess next time I'm going to have pick a costume that I know will look okay on me.

Once again, I used my own hair after cutting it and dying it to look like Jade's and I horribly regret it because Seattle + freshly straightened and styled hair = DISASTER. Sooo I looked like a nasty unhygienic con-goer on Friday of the con because the Tear in our group decided it would be a cool idea to hog the umbrella we were sharing and resulted in me getting rained on as we walked to the convention center. >:(

I'm also never wearing heels for cosplay ever again because I'm a huge wuss and the pain after a couple of hours of walking was almost unbearable. I am happy with the boot covers though and they're probably one of my favorite things to make as frustrating as they can be at times.

Other parts of my costume? Um, the pants and undershirt were made from a black knit, gloves were bought and dyed. The belt I think was made from a twill and wasn't a real, functioning belt. I just used Velcro. Oh and the glasses were reading glasses that made my eyes look really freaking weird.