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I adore Ryuk. And so three months before Otakon 07, I decided to make a Ryuk costume. Three days before Otakon 07, I suddenly /remembered/ that I'd decided to make a Ryuk costume. The next 72 hours were a blur of needles, Sculpty clay, spray paint, and artificial plants. Somehow, it all came together at the end into a fairly acceptable costume. Boots were laced, apples were procured, and face paint was applied en-route at red lights. Oh, how I love the smell of Kryolan in the morning.

Despite my inadequate hair, the fact that I couldn't drink except through a straw, couldn't walk fast in those hooker heels, and couldn't sit down due to the belt buckle, I loved how it came out. And lots of con-goers gave me compliments, but I'm definitely going to revamp it next year, with a little more planning. Proper wings and hair, et cetera. Also, the 6-inch heels have GOT to go. It was the first time I'd ever worn heels, and it will be the last.


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QueenToast Are you brining Ryuk to Otakon this year?