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My first ever costume. I really didn't realise exactly how difficult it would be, but I made the FMV version without the weapon and large glove, which helped simplify it a little. Should I ever wear this again, I’d like to get better shoes to closely match hers, more accurate goggles, and a wig. Otherwise, I'm fairly pleased with it all because I tried to pay attention to detail, even if I found it all quite challenging.

I started with an orange t-shirt for the top, cutting off the sleeves, shortening it and adding the darts. The fabric I cut off forms the collar, and I used kilt straps from the side buckles. I dyed a pair of shorts green, added the splits up the sides and made my own ruffled trim. The belt was painted orange and the rest was covered in yellow fabric.

I cut the fingers shorter on a pair of gloves and carefully hemmed them by hand. The red crosses are painted on. The elbow things are made from a pair of socks, and the upper-arm bands are green and black felt which velcros closed. I used the same felt on a pair of white socks to make the boots. The leg holster-thing is stretchy black fabric straps with a pouch I made – padded out with foam inside. I bought the earrings and made the necklace by stringing together beads. Hairslides were painted with nail polish, and feather were all glued together.


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Rikku


KyasarinUriruzu *o* Awesome Rikku!