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Metroid Prime



This is a costume I actually made twice. I decided to buy another plain zentai suit and correct the mistakes I made on my first costume which made it's debut at Nintendo power's 20th anniversary party (there were plenty - smearing, inaccuracies, mistakes, etc.)

I'm very pleased with the outcome of my improved zero suit, and I've already worn it on 3 occasions - Video games live at the beacon theater, Halloween, and Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanic garden. I got the best photos at Sakura Matsuri, even though it was a steamy 80 degrees outside (not full body spandex friendly) I adore Samus, and this is by far my favorite cosplay.

I was going to retire this suit back in October 2010, but I just can't stop going back to it.

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Series Metroid Prime
Character Samus Aran


Kenlink Wilder You have inspired me =) I really loved your samus (and still do!) I read your story in nintendo power and it was really mind blowing. I used to not have the confidence to cosplay girls at all (I was barely 90 pounds and I'm 5' 8'' so I was very sickly then and felt I was too ulgy)...especially samus even though she is my favorite nintendo girl! but after reading your story I spent years trying to gain weight so I could do a good job as samus and now I'm alot healthier!! So thank you so very much for sharing your story to everyone!! Your cosplay is amazing! Keep it up! xD

Minteh ; ; I looovvee it Also Is it bad that I want to cosplay as samus? Even though I've only ever played the game once..? D:

zero suit samus i need that suit back that my suit

AckIsBack Wow, this looks awesome! You're perfect as her!

-paranoid- Great costume! That plush metroid is so epic, how did you get it?

Ryuga_knight sorry for posting twice, but how did you get the pattern of the Zentai? Just curious.

Ryuga_knight You seem to really make amazing costumes. As for a movie fan films are always good.

HomunculusHate This is so amazing you could be Samus Aran in the movie if they make it.

HMTQ - Madge You pull off Samus fantastically! ^_^ The Metroid plushie really adds to the costume, haha.

Sheikahchica This is AWESOME!! Great work!!

Angeal awsome cosplay very good work

vinchenzo your looking better than the one last year...great job your looks are much different! <3

fairuza Your Samus outfit rocks! You're perfect for her.:D

PyremonInfernos Really really nice work; you pulled off the character well and it looks like you had a lot of fun. It's a shame you live really far tho 'cause I got a Ridley costume in the works for the upcoming Katsucon that may end up Samus-less.

MasterJukeYGOJ I'll put the pics up eventually. I just keep forgetting to do so.. xD Thanks for reminding me though. I'll probably do it tomorrow!

Amara Dolce You are a very good Samus!

Chipface Your costume looks great!