Final Fantasy XIII



Longer description comming soon...

For: 2009 SakuraCon-Hungary

Start date: Last year, about Oktober, but I didn't have time then to finish it, so I restarted it this year {2008}, July.

This gonna be my 3rd costume. Its full handmade but I got a lil help from my boyfriend of course ^^
I'm trying to make it perfectly, but I can't make the working gunblade now...:( maybe next summer X3
The costume already looks great...soon I'll add some photos about the making period and of course of the half made project ;)

{2009. 03. 10.}
OMG 10 weeks until COON!!!
On this weekend I'll go to my boyfriends we can start the gunblade ^^
I still have to remake the coat, cuz it scattered last time before the completition T__T

This con was great!!! I've finished the costume and the gunblade as well!
Soon I'm gonna have a pro photoshoot with this costume. My bf is gonna wear his Cloud cp, so its gonna be a 2-in-1 shoot at the same location!
Photos comming soon!!!!!


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Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Lightning


PrincessSerahX2 De király ^^

TwistTie Klepto It's so cool that you used your real hair for this! You make a beautiful Lightning, and you're really good at doing cool poses for photos!

MDA You are a PERFECT Lightning!

LockhartTifaFF You do look like Lightning! Awesome cosplay

Azuka Hiwatari Your cos Rules!!!!! >o< Love it!!!

13Kai-Kai Looks amazing so far, I love your wig!

CosplayRinoa26 wow I love how you did Lightning's costume! You even have her face!! Gah! And you look like you have similar personalities (at least that's what I get from looking at you) Fantastique :)

yuniiita hi n-n, thanks for posting me, emm (i forgoth what i .... oh i remember now xD) look a lot like her o-o, your not a ligthning cosplayer, you are her xDDD . well you wrote that you'r doing a her and serah's neackless (or thats what i read xD), also i've found your sister's profile, who said that she is going to wear serah's cosplay, so if anyone of you need help or an advice, ask me and i would be really glad of help you n-n (sorry my english my mother languaje it's spanish and i get confused when i write something xDD )

Raffi Thnx everyone for the cheering and for the compliments too!!! Fairuza: Good luck with your costume!!!! Even if it looks easy, its veryvery difficult to make it perfectly!!! CosplayRiona26: Well I chose this character because one of my reasons was that I looks similar to her -my friends said that to me ^3^- and yes, the costume is fully handmade! I learned how to sew by myself during making this costume so thats why it took me a lot of time! -and because I'm a maximalist person, so I really tried to make it perfectly-

CosplayRinoa26 Wow! I saw your pic and I was thinking, she LOOKS like Lightning--even if you weren't cosplaying! Even the facial expressions are similar lol The costume is amazing, did you make it yourself?

fairuza Ooh,what an awesome Lightning cosplay! Great job!:D I'll also be going as her this october!

PrincessDominique23 OMG so epicly awesome=3

Lei-yone Whoa, everything looks so cool so far! I would love to take pictures with you someday!

ashiri_sama Wow! :O Your outfit looks great so far. I can't wait to see yours done!!

PrincessDominique23 omg u have to help me with my lightning cosplay! Yours is coming along so nicely!

Wora oh... I can't wait to play the game as well. I think you'll do it great.

Chocobo chic oh wow so far it looks awsome! i can't wait to see it done!