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Ahh, my first official costume. And I thought this was hard. I know L is completely overdone, but it doesn't make it any less fun for the individual.

When I first started doing this costume, I used my own hair, and lots of hairspray. Eventually I got a wig, soaked it with hairspray, and carved L's hairstyle out of it.

The shirt's too big. Maybe I'll buy another one. It's difficult to find one that reaches slightly past the wrists, exposes the collarbone, but is still somewhat fitted. Oh well. The search continues. Also, L seems to have lots of different pairs of jeans; I tried to choose a pair that looked like the ones he's wearing on the cover of Volume 5. I like them.

One more thing: L has eyebrows. Yes. Chapter 11.



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Paige830 you are so great at being L. It really looks like him!

[NU] wow you look perfect!