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So, i've worn this one to two movie premieres so far.

It's really simple. I did a couple of touch ups before i wore it again for DH1. The tie is much better looking now. I ripped off all that thick, chunky ribbon. I taped it off with stripes of two widths- medium and thin, alternating. Then i painted the stripes in with three coats of silver acrylic.

The prefect button is cheap and it looks like it. haha! It's a foamie, cut and painted with ribbons hot glued.

My wand is the pride and joy of this project. It could still use some work. It was a joint project with my roommate. We went hiking and picked up a couple of sticks and took them home. Then, we widdled them down with box cutters to the shape and size we wanted. I sanded mine with heavy and then medium grain sandpaper and stained it with a cherry stain. I had originally made a handle for it out of sculpey bake clay but that didnt work out. So, I wrapped the end in some silver ribbon.

Someday I'd like to sit down with it and more sandpaper and finish smoothing it out. Maybe try to make a handle again, not out of sculpey.


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