Beauty and the Beast

This was my first attempt at Belle xD

I first wanted to make this outfit after seeing the Broadway. I wanted to make that outfit but I couldn't find any pictures so it just ended up being the movie version with a laced front with two pieces, the bodice and the skirt. It came out horrible xDD My sleeves were huge.

I fixed the sleeves, sewed the front up and added a zipper to the bodice. I remade my apron but I noticed after that I cut it to short. &gt;<

I also bought bloomers for it :3

I used my own hair for it :/ One day I'll put this one on again with my new wig just for kicks XP

My shoes were bought at target from the lil girls section xD

This one is more closer to the movie's color but I didn't like it so I went with a darker blue for my 2nd dress :3 Thanks em for finding that awesome blue!

Eeew this first try looks horrible lol xD
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Series Beauty and the Beast
Character Belle

Thowra You look Amazing. My Daughter thought you were Belle, LOL :)