Ryu Alternate Black Costume

Street Fighter



This was actually my original plan--even asked a few friends before deciding on which color to pick what would they want to see the most. The majority said black since they always see white, but then I figured no one has seen the alternate costume yet so...I went with white hah!

Well this is the black one, appearing about a month or so after the white alt costume. Cool thing is I can start changing this into his darker version, maybe add the kanji on my back with crimson red eyes >8D


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Created 11 years ago
Series Street Fighter
Character Ryu Alternate Black Costume
Variant Alternate Black Costume


Tom Yagami Hi friend mugensc! Okay? Earned the praise! Its cos of Ryu in the photo above is excellent! o / / I tied the Hadouken! XD Hugs!!! \o/

13Kai-Kai Wow! You're so fit that this costume looks PERFECT for you ^_^ Keep up the good work on yourself and your costumes <3